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Drones for practical uses

Drones for practical uses

Drone technology is always improving. With advancement comes more flexibility, and this constant technological evolution has made drones accessible and affordable for the general public, which means that the potential applications have increased exponentially. The opportunity to use technology in new and exciting ways to improve existing processes and explore new territory has never been greater!

Drone on landing pad

For the video production industry in particular, Drones have been a technological boon which allows producers to create impressive aerial footage for a tiny fraction of the cost of using traditional methods, such as helicopters. Almost any video production situation which would traditionally call for a helicopter can be fulfilled by drone instead… But there are other fields which are starting to take advantage of the manoeuvrability, convenience and automation that this technology offers…

Building maintenance and inspection is one example, and this is something that companies like Take One can directly help with. Traditionally, inspections of tall buildings have to be done using a cherry-picker which while it has its own advantages, can be very expensive and cumbersome. You may have to block off sections of a car park or road in order to position the cherry picker, and repositioning if you need to look at another section of the building can be just as awkward. Not so with a drone – provided minimum safe distances can be maintained, one need only specify a take-off / landing pad and the pilot can freely reposition to look at any part of the building quickly and efficiently. This can be useful for construction as well – want a quick overview of how your site is progressing? Simply launch a drone and take a look! Footage can even be recorded and emailed or streamed to stakeholders who live abroad or who’s schedules won’t allow for a full site visit.

Agriculture is another industry which is beginning to use drones in a practical way, often to remotely monitor livestock and crops, including precision-targeted deployment of animal feed, fertilizer and insecticide. This can even be automated, saving a great deal of money in terms of fuel, product and labour hours.

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Drones are also finding use in the emergency services, with several UK police services launching their first drone units over the last year. Perhaps the most prominent use of drones in emergency services was during Grenfell Tower fire incident, where aircraft were used both to monitor the fire during the event and to survey damage to the building afterwards without further risk to human life.

These are just a few of the practical ways that drones are being used. Who knows what new application of this exciting new technology might crop up in the future?

If you have an idea for how a drone flight might benefit you or your business, or if you would like to hire a drone pilot to record some aerial footage for you, then do get in touch - we’d love to talk to you!  




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