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Death by PowerPoint becomes Live by Video

Death by PowerPoint becomes Live by Video

You’ll have often heard people ask at the end of a presentation, ‘Can you send us the slide pack?’ and of course you will.  However, how many people actually look at the slide pack afterwards, and more importantly accurately remember what the images related too?  If we’re honest, not many.  We’ve been asked by a number of clients about extending the life of their presentations by turning their PowerPoint into Video.  It’s not unusual to have a PowerPoint deck comprising over 150-200 slides, no doubt where the saying of ‘Death by PowerPoint’ came from!  However, a new and remote audience will struggle to gain the same engagement.  Few people will view the slides with the same attention or understanding.

Benefits of Converting PowerPoint Slides to Video

So, assuming the information is important, and potentially could be used for an extended audience after your event, or used to support delegates from a live event, how do you extend the life of your content?

Convert the PowerPoint slides to a video.

Converting your PowerPoint slides to video is a great way of quickly creating memorable content; using existing PowerPoint slides combined with a voice over, music and visual movement, a new audience can be engaged, and an existing one nurtured.

Here is a sample of PowerPoint to Video conversion

Compared to commissioning a completely new video, this method of PowerPoint conversion to video is a cost-effective way of utilising and reusing existing content or assets. Your new video will give a consistent message, particularly important to businesses that need to ensure they are compliant with their industry regulations, such as with site inductions, financial directives or Health and Safety instructions.  The beauty of this format is that no matter where the video is played, the message is the same; so no more war by rumour when different presenters use the PowerPoint deck, but add their own interpretation to the message!

Sharing your new Video Content

Video is now easily hosted and shared online, making it accessible to a global audience.  This is of particular interest to multinationals wanting to ensure their whole workforce has received the same message or instruction.  It’s also great for an audience on the move; most mobile devices will also be able to pick up and play video content ensuring your message is received in good time and intact.

Process of turning PowerPoint into Video

The process of turning PowerPoint into Video is straight forward and usually takes less time than arranging to produce a completely new video.  The reason for this is that the PowerPoint deck has already been created and approved for use, the branding is already done and so timescale for sign off content is shortened.   Once our clients have given us access to the existing content, it is a fairly simple process to add animation to the visuals within our edit suites, record a voice over from the speaker notes, plus add music and effects. 

The completed video content can be hosted on line for the worldwide audience or hosted on secure encrypted servers to be accessed via passwords and other security measures. 

Making your Seminar into a Video

Another option is to film the original presentation live and then cut the PowerPoint deck into the filmed sequences.   This will usually need to be an edited highlights version though because what may easily be accommodated in a live situation, perhaps taking an hour to deliver in person, in the replay format the time would need to be much reduced in order to keep the audience viewing.  We often advocate recording highlights of a seminar, and then also recording some interview pieces afterwards summarising the key points.  We then intercut the interview content with the live session and supporting PowerPoint content, giving the same message in a memorable way to a larger audience.

Here is a video showing conference highlights from presenters and subsequent audience interviews 

So, if you’d like to talk about extending the life of your PowerPoint presentation materials, or reaching a bigger audience with seminar content, do give us a call or email us from our website.




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