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Filming at the Location

Filming at the Location

Filming on location takes a lot of scheduling and planning. We ask that when we arrive to shoot your promotional video the areas you would like to film are clean and tidy as this will send a good message out to your viewers. Anything that should not be in shot we ask to be removed, this may include; personal items, inappropriate/unprofessional pictures on the walls and confidential information such as facts and figures about the company. Take into consideration health and safety – you don’t want your viewers to get a bad impression of your company based on what they can see happening in shot.

filming on location

Sensible shooting schedules are essential to make the day run smoothly. Things to consider would be, if we need to get a shot of an office environment please do not schedule that particular location when the staff are having there tea break as this will waste time that could be spent on filming another part of your film.

Staff who wish to appear in the film need to be dressed appropriately and in the correct P.P.E (personal protective equipment). Please let all staff know the date and time of when filming will be taking place and anyone that wishes to appear in the film will need to sign a release form to say they are happy to be filmed. We do this to protect ourselves as well as you, by signing this document nobody can then pull out half way through the editing process and create any issues. If there are any members of staff who do not wish to be filmed we will arrange the shoot around them. Once release forms have been signed we keep them documented in our production office but you are welcome to have your own copies.


Filming an interview

When filming an interview you will be in front of the camera and the interviewee will be beside the camera when asking questions. Throughout the interview ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer and please refrain from looking directly at the camera.

Filming an interviewWe use lighting in the studio to ensure the shot it lit correctly and looks professional, sometimes the lights can make the interviewee look ‘sweaty’ so anti-shine power may be applied before shooting – this is perfectly normal.

Before the official interview commences the interviewer will ask your name and occupation, this is so the editor can easily identify you and ensure the graphics on the screen are accurate to you. Once the interviewer has asked a question feel free to take a pause and gather your thoughts as any pauses can be edited out.

If at any point you are unhappy with an answer you have given you are welcome to ask for as many re takes as you like to ensure you are happy with the final answer. The interviewer may ask a question that sounds similar to a previously asked question, this is done to get a different/alternative approach on the subject it is not done to throw you off. The interviewer will normally only respond to what the interviewee is saying with a simple nod of the head and will not interrupt you; this is because a verbal acknowledgement would ruin the take.





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