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Why Video is Nothing like Eggs

Why Video is Nothing like Eggs

The way we decide who to create content for us as businesses, and the value we put on that, is something I have been interested in for over a decade now, one way or another.  This week has seen yet another example of this, so I thought I would share a few thoughts with you.

Many of you will have heard me say that I think about digital content as having similarities to Lego Bricks. When it is captured with this in mind, it is always about creating and then adding to a library of available material which can be used over time.  It is not a matter of having a single use, and then destroying it after that.

What shape of brick do you need?

Interestingly, not all Lego Bricks are the same.  Likewise all videos are not the same and specifically creating high quality moving images requires us to focus on a number of areas.   This is just one of the reasons that all video material captured by Take One Business Communications always involves more than one member of staff.   We normally have a specialist on sound and another on vision, then depending on the requirements of the shoot we may also have someone with overall responsibility for producing the piece, a Director and Production Manager ensuring that we know everything is where it needs to be.  All of this helps ensure that the material captured is the very best it can be, and will deliver the message that our client is looking for. 

video is like building with lego, video marketing

Into that add graphics, voiceover, on screen titles (especially worth considering when so many people watch video’s without any sound on mobile devices or in busy offices) and before you know it, you have a very different offering from a £300 shoot and edit done by a lone videographer.  

How much does a video cost?

Ultimately, therefore, getting a cost for video and a good result is about ensuring you have a clear understanding of your desired outcome, your target audience profile and the structure of the message.   I would also suggest that working with a production company that is looking to build long term relationships with you as a client, is going to produce a much better outcome over the long term.  It will enable you to get value from each batch of video captured, adding that to the existing library of material and offering options for creating multiple forms, such as social media cuts, and trailers to promote the main piece.  By providing additional touch points across different channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more recently LinkedIn, you can maximise the value you get from your marketing spend on video.

If this has whet your appetite to know more about how to make video work for you - then do give me a call, there is nothing I like more than discussing video over a suitable beverage and seeing how it could add to the power of your marketing strategy.




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