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Photographic Diary of My Time at Take One

Photographic Diary of My Time at Take One

Hello, my name is Finley Porter, I am pupil at the Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe and I have recently finished my GCSEs. I am at Take One on a work experience placement to learn the process of a video creation in pre-production, production and post-production. I would like to give you a taste of my work experience.

editing screens #takeonetv

Day 1

Initially I was given a tour of the Take One office and Editing Studios by the managing director Karen Pawlowska.

After meeting all of the staff, I shadowed Steve in one of the editing rooms. He was editing a photographic montage for the Royal Navy, on the core values of their seamen as well as the force itself. I found it very interesting to see the post-production process in action and begin to improve upon my knowledge of editing and the use of Adobe After-Effects. 

I then shadowed Courtney, who was working on the analytical aspects of the business’ social media. She was using Google Analytics and Hootsuite to see how the business was ranking on Google search, and how active the Take One social media pages were as well as many other aspects of the business’ online presence. This was interesting to see not only the production aspects of Take One but also how the business portrays itself.

Whilst here I also met the founder of the non-profit community interest company (CIC) OK Our Kids Tony Churchill and his wife, Lynn. It was amazing to hear their story and what they are trying to do for the communities’ young children and pupils.

I also helped Georgia and Courtney finish PAT testing all of the equipment that was taken on a shoot that took place the week before. I was very naïve about how much goes into the pre and post production process of making a video, however through my time at Take One I have come to understand that there is a lot more to video production than just filming and editing. One such process is PAT testing the equipment to ensure that it is all still safe and working to a good standard. They are able to do this as Steve is a fully qualified electronics engineer.    

PAT testing #takeonetv

Day 2

On the second day I began to compile a list of social media and digital marketing companies around the Buckinghamshire area. In doing this I learnt a lot about the social media & digital management industry and what companies do to improve their digital profile, such as PPC (pay per click) and SEO (Search engine optimisation).

After lunch I shadowed Courtney and Georgia in their post-production editing of a promotional video for Lighthouse, a holiday summer camp run by local churches from all around the Buckinghamshire area. It was very interesting to see the post-production process of a video compared to the photo-montage I had seen the day before. After shadowing for a while, I grasped enough of the editing process to have a go myself, and I was allowed to do some basic edit and graphics filtering. 

video editing #takeonetv

Day 3

Take One has recently acquired a drone license, so on the third day I was tasked with identifying and researching hotels & golf clubs around the Buckinghamshire area. I looked on their websites and social media pages to see if they had a drone footage showcasing their beautiful buildings or grounds. Using this information, I then created a spreadsheet table incapsulating all of that information. It was very interesting to be a part of the early pre-production, and it really gave me a sense of how much work and time goes into the entire video making process. 

drone video research #takeonetv

Day 4

On the final day I researched ‘Back to School’ ideas for a future blog post inspired by Tony Churchill’s charity OK Our Kids. This CIC was created following Tony’s work in the police force over a number of years and his wife’s work in the local council; both of them saw children having dealt with issues effecting their safety and wellbeing. As a result of this they decided to set up OK Our Kids which focuses on giving children the confidence to overcome the challenges and dangers they face while at home, school and in the community.

OK Our Kids with #takeonetv

In summary, throughout my time at Take One TV I have learnt a lot, from the video pre-production of identifying potential future customers to the post-production work involved in helping to edit a business video. 




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