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Smartphone Video vs Professional Camera Video

Smartphone Video vs Professional Camera Video

It's been a few months since I joined as Production and Marketing Assistant and now, when I come across videos of business people showcasing their business message recorded on a smartphone, I can’t help but notice the poor quality of the picture and the sound. Now that we all have a handheld device, it's very tempting to record these type of quick videos. This blog gives some reasons to forego the video option on your smartphone and outsource to a professional video production company.

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Videos recorded on handheld devices often:

  • look quite jittery
  • have poor sound quality
  • can be fuzzy and dull in colour
  • don’t really give the ‘wow factor’.

If you are showing a very quick discovery or demonstrating a little ‘how to’ video, then 30 seconds on a smartphone is fine.  If on the other hand, you are delivering a business message showcasing your service or your product, then it is far more fitting to show this in a more professional way.

Although there are austerity measures and money is a bit tight, we ask how can your customers and potential customers have the confidence in investing in you and your business if it’s obvious that you are not investing in yourself and your brand if you are going to use kit that just doesn’t cut the mustard.

A professionally made corporate video can help you stand out with:

  • clear sound, omitting external noise
  • quality lighting
  • fantastic editing
  • stimulating visual graphics
  • moving text (otherwise known as kinetic text). 

All of these elements capture and hold your viewers’ attention, while providing them with useful information. It really gives them a feel of what your business can do for them and their company.

When investing in Take One TV, you will be working with an incredibly experienced team that really goes the extra mile in helping you get your business message out in the most memorable and effective way.

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