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Consents and Permissions

Consents and Permissions

It’s really important to ensure you have written permission to use any contributor’s content on camera. This includes any images they may provide to you or those you source yourself, as well as music and the rights to sound effects.  Just because something is on Google doesn’t mean it’s free for you to use!

Do not ever use images or music unless you can provide a valid licence for their use,  and check the small print of licences carefully, as many seemingly copyright free items are only free for certain uses;  for instance, images bought in can be bought at different levels and the lower price ones will often have restrictions on use, such as not to be incorporated into a logo or brand style, or not to be used for a fee paying audience or broadcast use. 

Written consent form

You will probably find that people will be happy to give you their permission to use powerpoint slides  or video that they have produced, however you must check that they have  the appropriate permission for video use on the web, and can assign the rights to you without infringing someone’s copyright. 

It’s not a good idea to promise contributors an opportunity to make amendments to the programme content, they will not have the same target in mind as you, and will not appreciate the need to move the story around.  Obviously, there is an understanding that their views will not be misrepresented nor used to cause distress or disrepute – however, if you as the producer decide you need to leave certain elements out, that must be your choice and not theirs. 

agreed to filming a video

Also, when filming, be careful not to include well known brands in your footage, advise contributors to wear neutral clothing, or that which is appropriate to your business uniform.   Watch out for water bottles and signage if filming on location as going through and blurring images on bottles or t-shirts in post production is time consuming and expensive, and can also  seriously date the look and feel of a project.

Keep paper copies of all licences and permissions as well as electronic copies where appropriate, all of course with due consideration to data protection requirements.

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