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Videos to help your business part 2

Videos to help your business part 2

In this blog, I will be discussing even more videos that can help your business. If you haven’t read part one, don’t worry, just click this link.

As we all know by now, video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, this is why 76% of businesses currently using video as part of their marketing strategy, say that it has helped to increase sales.

Product comparison

In comparison to a product video, a ‘product comparison video’ is simply a video comparing two products. For example, say you make blenders and you are launching a new range of blenders, a comparison video would be a good way to persuade people who already have one of your blenders to buy a new one.

A good example of this is GoPro, they have just released their new camera ‘Hero 7’ and with the BBC they made a video that shows the same footage, one taken on the ‘Hero 6’ and one take on the ‘Hero 7’ side by side. 

Case study

A case study is ‘a particular instance of something used or analysed in order to illustrate a thesis or principle’. As you can probably imagine, a paper case study can be very long, filled with facts and statistics and can be quite boring... If you as a company want to prove a point and have research to back it, a better way to show it could be with a video.

Here at Take One we recently did a video case study for House Sit Match’. This case study is about the benefits of staying in someones house while on holiday instead of booking a hotel or B&B.

You could have a case study on anything you want, note that it should be relevant to your company and your brand.

Event video

An event video is a video that basically shows what happened at an event. These types of video can be used at big or small events, yearly events or one-off events, inside or outside! This is your chance to show what your company is all about.

Say that you run a weekly networking event, you could have one of your meetings filmed and put it on your website and social media channels so that people who are interested in going can walk in confidently knowing what to expect. In comparison, if you are running a big one-off event, then it may be worth getting it filmed becaue you won't get another chnace once it's over. 

Live stream

Live streaming has become very popular online in recent years. The good thing about live steam videos is that you can do them from almost anywhere no matter what you are doing. Say you run workshops showing people how best to present themselves, you could do a short 5-minute live stream video at one of your workshops so people can see what you do there and decide whether they might want to come.

In addition to this, live stream video creates a sense of urgency because unless you record your live stream, people won’t be able to see it after you have finished, which encourages people to tune in so they don’t miss out. 


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Think of the most asked question that your company receives and answer them all in a video. Having an FAQ video on your website can be really beneficial, as it can save your customers time. Instead of having to read through the terms and conditions, the about us section or the help section on your website, they can watch a 2-minute video instead and it’s problem solved. 


A ‘vlog’ is a video version of a blog. If you have a really good blog that has had a log of engagement, you could make a video version of the blog to explain or expand on what you talk about in your blog.

We have made a few vlogs ourselves here at Take One. ‘Smartphone vs Professional camera and ‘Adding and amending YouTube subtitles and captions’.

Thank you videos

A thank you video is a great way to show your customers that you care about them and that you appreciate the business you get from them.

For example, say you sell products online, a good place to put a thank you video would be after the payment page, just a short 30-second video simply saying thank you for being one of our customers can make a huge difference.

Or if you have just had a big crowd-fund and you’ve managed to raise lots of money for your project, you could then post a short video online saying thank you to everyone that donated and how much you appreciate it. After you’ve done that you could even go one step further and make a video showing the finished project. This will give the people who donated a sense of pride because they will be able to see how their money has helped.


I hope this blog has been useful for you. With so many different types of video out there it can be hard to figure out what’s right for you.  If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. 




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