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Building a Video Marketing Campaign

Building a Video Marketing Campaign

Time flies when you're having fun is what they say .... Once you get going on a video marketing campaign, time will just disappear and no matter how hard you try to plan every last detail in advance, there will always be something that doesn’t quite work out the way you had hoped.

It is therefore vital that you have an agreed set of standard guides for all in your team so that everyone understands the key campaign criteria.This includes things like

  • what the agreed call to action is
  • which email is to be used and monitored and that it works
  • deciding which phone numbers to use and how to track the calls
  • where video is to be used, or archived for later use
  • who needs to know to what
  • who had sign off authority,
  • key deadlines and so on.

As a little exercise to help you identify the campaign guidelines, we’ve suggested a few options to get you going, but you can add your own specific ones as well.
1. Blog / Vlog

One of the most common elements is a Blog. Decide if you would use this every time, sometimes or never. If it’s sometimes, then note the reasons when you will or when you won’t blog and then make a note as to whether video may play a part.

If for instance we wanted to promote our video strategy workshop, we’d probably use the blog everytime, and that they may well include video elements such as snippets from the workshop, client testimonials and statistical animations.We’d probably also look to get guest bloggers in and customer experience reviews.

2. Content Campaigns

Would you send content to people as part of a campaign, whether this be more than one element to the story or just a one off communication?  Thinking of video work here, we might send an extract of a workbook or exercise sheet,and there may be video content there too outlining how to complete the paperwork.

3. Live Webinars

We might do this sometimes, video would definitely be included as a walk through demo and there’d be an incentive to take up further options at the end.

4. Email Marketing

Video would definitely be included here as you get a much great click through by adding video to email marketing,that’s a must have.

You’ll no doubt have other ideas here, maybe traditional postal mail outs, which could include video on a USB or DVD perhaps, advertising in magazines or adwords, strategy commentary pieces, directory listings, social platforms and so on.

If you have a content marketing campaign in mind that you'd like help with, give our team a call. 




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