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Better audio for your Video

Better audio for your Video

We’ve all been in a situation when you’re filming someone talking to the camera and there is a lot of background noise which you can’t control.  Whether it be people talking in the background, cars driving past, an echo from the room or high winds wreaking havoc on your audio, there’s very little you can do if you don’t have the right equipment.

Whether you’re filming on a professional camera or a Smartphone, these problems can arise if you don’t have the right equipment. So here is our advice to get rid of some of that annoying background noise and make your videos more watchable.

If you are filming on a professional camera we would recommend that you invest in a quality microphone, rather than relying on the microphone built into the camera. The on-camera microphone may be good in certain situations, but if there is a lot of background noise, then it is likely to pick up that noise too, making editing tricky as well as distracting for your audience.

If you have a small crew or you’re a one-man band it can be hard to carry around lots of equipment; so you could simply just stand closer to the person talking, but then you won’t get a variety of shots or in some case even a good shot.  You probably want to have a microphone that is small, easy to carry and does the same job as a big boom microphone.

If you have a camera that is Bluetooth enabled, then you may want to think about investing in a Bluetooth microphone. They are pretty small and you’ll get far better audio.                     

Alternatively, if your camera doesn’t have Bluetooth then you may want to consider getting a radio microphone. They are also small and will give you good audio. Whichever one you choose, make sure it is switched on and connected to the camera before you start filming. You may laugh, but it’s always worth checking otherwise you’ve got a silent movie!

We would always recommend filming with a professional camera but if you have to film on a Smartphone, we suggest that you buy a microphone to improve your audio. The phone’s internal microphone will be too far away from your speaker and will pick up all surrounding sound.  Professional brands such as Road, make microphones that you can plug into your Smartphone and the background noise you would have heard before will go giving you cleaner audio.

Alternatively, most Smartphone’s now have Bluetooth enabled, so to save yourself from carrying around a microphone you can buy a Bluetooth microphone. They connect to your phone wirelessly, giving you more room to manoeuvre and a freeing up your Smartphone’s jack for other accessories that you may need.   

Of course, you do not have to buy any of these products, but do remember that poor audio can make or break your viewing traction online because although people will forgive under par images if they can’t hear clearly they’ll quickly go elsewhere.

We hope that you found this blog useful if you have any questions about getting a video made, please feel free to contact us.

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