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Investigating Viewer Behaviour on Video

Investigating Viewer Behaviour on Video

There’s more to video than meets the eye. Hidden underneath the compelling stories and special effects is a goldmine of data. Due to the nature of video, it’s a very trackable medium, often making it possible to see how much of a video viewers have watched, what they skip through, and what they re-watch.   

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Individual viewing data can help you qualify and score leads based on how much video they’re consuming, and what topics they’re interested in. You can look at how much of your video a prospect consumes:  the longer they watch the video for, the more likely they are to be interested in your product or service.  

If they’ve watched the same video several times or forwarded it to others, (and this is something that is very telling if you’re using MailChimp or similar email campaign devices) there is definite interest.  The further into the sales funnel your video sits, the higher the likelihood of engagement, so you can better qualify leads, building and nurturing your viewers in appropriate areas with targeted content.  

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To get the best of this behaviour goldmine, you need to hone your response guidelines to ensure that you react, and interact consistently and appropriately with viewers.

Have a think about how you will score your results using different parameters, such as total amount of minutes viewed; percentage of videos watched in a series, order of viewing segments, tracking where viewers came into the video content and where they left.  Look for the trigger points where you might want to make contact via perhaps a chatbot on line, with an email, a call, or offer additional support content suited to their journey.  And of course, think about how you will draw them in with useful, relevant information. 

For more tips and useful information on how to get the best out of your business video, do get in contact with our team. 




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