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A week’s work placement at Take One TV

A week’s work placement at Take One TV

Thank you to Larenz for his work experience review with Take One TV:

Firstly the welcoming of the team was extremely friendly which was comforting personally because I was in such a different environment. They showed me around the office and introduced me to everyone on the team.

My week at Take One has been very useful and very eventful. Over the week I was given the opportunity to experience on how I can improve my editing and camera skills through ‘crash courses’. I also feel like I have learnt a lot on how a business like Take One operates it’s studio.   I've learnt the roles involved in a studio which is particularly interesting because this seems like an environment similar to where I'd like to work in the future. 

At the beginning of the week I shadowed a talented editor who taught me more about editing in an hour than I ever had accomplished at college. This was my first ‘crash course’ and he introduced me to an interesting piece of equipment named the Waveform Monitor, which is apparently a frequently used piece of equipment in television production. He also taught me how to mix down (AKA nested sequences) edited footage so it collapses and renders more efficiently. This is specifically useful to me because now I am going to be using mix downs or nested sequences more frequently to improve my editing.

After my day learning about editing I had a one to one camera ‘crash course’ with a talented video producer and MD of the company where we covered a plethora of topics and techniques: I was taught about light temperature and white balance and how to implement them into my filming. I was also taught how to use lighting correctly on the chosen subject. And then I was educated on how to use quite an advanced camera, and when I say "advanced” I mean the most advanced I've ever personally used. Concluding the ‘crash course’ my appetite for camera knowledge was more than fulfilled.

Learning about the white balance and colour temperature was especially interesting because I have never been educated on this subject before, and now I will implement these into my personal filming, it was an extremely useful lesson that I'm thankful for.                                             

After the intense two day crash courses I was able to put the knowledge that I had gained into practice. I filmed two short videos for Take One that they are going to use for their marketing. The team at Take One pitched a few ideas about what they wanted and then they handed it over to me, and asked me what I thought we should do. I then drew a storyboard for the videos based on my ideas, and later we started filming. During the filming I was given freedom to experiment with the camera by getting different types of shots and doing different types of transitions.  And thanks to my ‘crash course’ the previous few days; I was able to set up the camera myself!

On the last two days at Take One I was asked if I could prepare the footage that I had got the previous day for editing, and also so that I could practice what I had learnt in the editing ‘crash course’ they had given me. I was shown how to ingest the raw footage that I had shot and their apprentice also helped me to set up the footage ready for editing and how to start the work flow process off so that the job could be correctly monitored and registered.   I did encounter a few hiccups on the editing suite, but the Take One team were more than happy to help me when I got stuck and answer any questions that I had.

Overall I think it was a good week and I am very thankful for the experience. I feel like it will benefit me with my course at college and in my future career.  

Here is one of the short videos I filmed for the team – a video Christmas card.





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