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All year round business videos part 1

All year round business videos part 1

Sadly the Christmas period is now over and it’s time to get back to reality. But it’s not all doom and gloom if you haven’t thought about your marketing strategy for the year we are here to help. Throughout every year there are so many events and holidays that happen, it can be hard to know which one to focus your marketing efforts on. Especially since people are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a branded video. So it might be worth considering video as part of your marketing strategy.  

You may not be ready to make a product video, a testimonial video, a how-to video, a vlog etcetera. And some holidays may not be right for your products or service but there is nothing wrong with making a short video of yourself or your team simply wishing them a happy holiday, or showing them around your new office. This shows your customers that you care about them and that there is a human behind the computer screen.

So, with all of this in mind, here is our list of holidays that you can base your videos around to boost your marketing strategy in 2019.


You don’t need to sell chocolate eggs or bunnies to make a marketing video around Easter. Many people with young children celebrate Easter as schools often have an Easter half term break.  It’s the perfect time for people to go out and do things as a family. This is a great opportunity for you to advertise yourself as fun and family friendly.  

Do you have a garden at your restaurant that children can play in? Do you offer an alternative to chocolate treats? Do you own a children’s play area? Are you running a special Easter event? Or maybe you offer something new that people can try instead of doing the same traditional things. One our clients, a Community Interest Company who have a duck as their mascot, are looking at promoting a ‘Find KOKO the Duck’ campaign, a bit like ‘Find the Easter Egg’ but without the calories.

All of these are things that you can make a video about to help you to stand out from your competitors.

Valentine’s Day

The love is well and truly in the air, so the ideal time to show your customers how much you care about them. With a simple product video, you can really show them that your product or service is the perfect gift for them or their partner this Valentine’s Day.

Alternatively, you can have a video of you and your team wishing people Happy Valentine’s and saying thank you to them for being there. Making people feel appreciated is a great way to gain repeat customers. Research has shown that when customers change suppliers, it’s often because they didn’t feel valued so letting them know you care can make difference long term.

Bank Holidays

It’s a 3 day weekend and people are usually feeling good about it. You can tap into this good feeling with a video. People are often looking for something to do with their day off, so if you offer a service then this could be a great time for you to market yourself.

However, there may not be a specific product or service that you think you can advertise based around a bank holiday, but that doesn’t have to stop you from marketing yourself.

You could release a short 10-20 second video of your product offering a special bank holiday discount. You could release a video of your team talking about their plans for the weekend, or giving their top things to do on a bank holiday. There’s nothing wrong with being creative and fun, especially when it comes to social media, people are often looking to be entertained; this can be your opportunity to do just that.


Summer Holidays

When I say ‘Summer Holidays’ I am referring to July/August time. People often make a lot of plans to go outside and do things while the weather is good, so people will be browsing the internet for all sorts of things.

New outfits, accessories, accommodation, travel and toiletries for their holidays.  Or food ideas, drinks, utensils, decorations and cosmetics for parties or days out.

As you may already know, marketing is all about placing yourself in front of your audience at the best time, and people are 27 times more likely to click on a video advert than they are a text one.

Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day 

For most people, Mother’s and Father’s day is a special occasion when they can show their parents how much they appreciate what they do for them, and to give something back. So you need to persuade your customers that your product/ service will do just that. Video is a great way to add a personal touch to something, plus with a video, you can really tell a memorable story.


Bonfire Night

Going out to see fireworks is great fun but it’s also very cold and dark outside... If you sell any type of winter wear or product that can keep you warm, this is the time to start advertising your products. “Keep warm this bonfire night”, “Keep warm and look good” with videos of people wearing your clothes outside in the dark or by the fire are sure to get attention.

We hope that this has given you lots of ideas to think about for your marketing strategy. Part 2 of this blog will be uploaded next week with even more ideas for your corporate videos.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.




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