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  • blog date 16 November 2018

    Better audio for your Video

    Better audio for your Video

    We’ve all been in a situation when you’re filming someone talking to the camera and there is a lot of background noise which you can’t control. Here is our advice on how to get clear-sounding audio.

  • blog date 20 September 2018

    Is this a Silent Movie?

    Is this a Silent Movie?

    Good quality audio is as important, if not more so than vision, and often gets forgotten about. Struggling to hear clear dialogue is one of the most common complaints levelled at feature films and TV nowadays.

  • blog date 13 January 2016

    It's an obvious plug!

    It's an obvious plug!

    If Apple as rumoured decide to abandon the humble mini-jack in favour of their ‘Lightning connector’ there may be an increased opportunity for cheap Chinese jack adaptors flooding the marketplace sometime very soon. Maybe this could also herald the end of the jack adapter that allows us to take audio and video signals from video cameras? It could certainly be an historic change.

  • blog date 08 July 2013


    So there has been a requirement for a relatively inexpensive way to record good quality audio on location which would match the superb quality of the DSLR’s video imagery. Herald the entrance of the ZOOM H4n…




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