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  • blog date 30 May 2019

    Give your video a boost

    Give your video a boost

    The old saying of ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ is much elaborated when you transfer the same message to video, a multi-sensory experience meaning you see and hear far more than can be gathered from the written and indeed often from a single photograph. In this blog we share tips and advice on how you can get your video seen by more people for little or no cost.

  • blog date 09 February 2015

    Content Marketing for Business Videos

    Content marketing should be approached like a marathon not a sprint, experts suggest. Marcus Sheridan, an American business owner, who turned to content marketing during the recession states: “Business owners have the expertise to educate prospects with essential information, both good and bad, about your industry, which establishes trust that can lead to sales. But you have to commit for the long haul and not expect instant results. When you commit to being the most helpful teacher in your industry you can earn attention, loyalty and ultimately, more business.”

  • blog date 31 May 2013

    Can Video Help Businesses Grow?

    Well produced, targeted video is a highly effective tool when used as part of an overall marketing strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

  • blog date 29 August 2012


    Reading a message is powerful. Listening to and reading a message is even better, but watching, listening to with a tad of reading and you engage three prime senses in one hit which gives you a truly powerful business video.




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