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  • blog date 24 May 2018

    Closed Captions and Subtitles

    Closed Captions and Subtitles

    YouTube has a facility that automatically generates subtitles, which can be great but it is not 100% accurate and is certainly worth correcting to help you viewer understand your video, especially if they are watching with no sound.

  • blog date 02 December 2016

    Does localising your video content make a difference to ROI?

    Does localising your video content make a difference to ROI?

    Localising your video content enables it to be accessed and understood by a much wider audience. If you have gone to the effort of creating content, then it makes sense that you would want people to see it. After all, your content will be designed to communicate a message to a specific audience. Communication is absolutely key to every business aspect – from acquiring and retaining customers to improving employee engagement and performance. If you are only communicating your content in one language, then you are shutting yourself out of the global market.
    With the rise of technology and the internet, videos have become THE main method of communicating with a targeted audience. This is not going to change, as more and more businesses are seeing the benefits in using videos to help them communicate their messages. At the same time we have seen a shift in the way that we consume video content. The world is more connected than ever before, and business has become more global as a result.




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