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  • blog date 15 February 2019

    How to Market to Millennials

    How to Market to Millennials

    Millennials are known to be a generation of visual buyers; they are very interested in digital communication, greatly influenced by each other and are highly visual. In this week’s blog we talk a bit about ways of using video to market to millenials.

  • blog date 21 December 2016

    Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy for 2017

    Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy for 2017

    Video is a powerful marketing tool, and when used well can really improve the return on investment. We are all becoming much more visually aware, and statistically it seems that, given the choice, we prefer to see and hear information before we read more detail. ’59% of executives,’ in a Forrester survey, ‘indicated that they would rather watch video than read text,’ and 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product before buying it.

  • blog date 09 November 2016

    The use of Video in Marketing

    The use of Video in Marketing

    The success and importance of video in search and marketing was perhaps recognised in 2006 when Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. No wonder that having video on your home page on line provides a 54 times better chance of you getting returned in a Google search result list. Of course, Google then decided to roll forward the idea of ads to monetise its investment in YouTube and capitalise on the success of the channel for brands, marketers and individuals giving yet another way in which to push potential customers to a product or service.

  • blog date 06 October 2016

    Video Content on Facebook

    Video Content on Facebook

    As with all communications, the best way to make video work as a marketing tool is to begin with the right message for your target audience; then test the message, just to check that you’re right and that nothing significant has changed in audience metrics then take full advantage of SEO friendly optimisation techniques.
    Facebook and Facebook Live are changing the way brands use videos, allowing them to build more personal and engaging relationships with their audience.
    Here are a few tips to help your video marketing strategy get off to a flying start.

  • blog date 10 August 2016

    FaceBook looks to Video Content

    FaceBook looks to Video Content

    Facebook is set to launch ‘Facebook Live’ a new app that makes it easy to shoot streaming video on mobile devices. It is also encouraging more media professionals and the corporate sector to provide more video centric content. It is also building video products for its current messaging apps ‘Facebook Messenger’ and ‘WhatsApp’ both of which have over a billion users.

  • blog date 01 June 2016

    How to Boost Video Engagement with YouTube Poll Cards

    How to Boost Video Engagement with YouTube Poll Cards

    What is a YouTube Poll Card? Well it’s an improve version of annotations and allows you to engage with your audience on particular questions or signpost to other relevant materials. Get creative with poll cards and use them as a tool to help gather information, interact with fans and guide processes. Getting the right feedback and guidance from audience can make the difference in turning good video content into great video content which ultimately brings excellent business in.

  • blog date 09 May 2014

    BBC iPlayer preferred choice for viewing

    The BBC’s iPlayer is fast becoming the preferred method of viewing choice for TV viewers with much of the increase coming from the mobile platforms. In business, the same thing is happening; we are seeing more and more research being done on mobile devices where businesses are looking for suppliers and information in short, well -constructed video content.

  • blog date 11 February 2014

    Measuring Video Content Success

    It’s really important though that your content is part of an overall strategy, and that you can measure the results. All of your communications materials including video blogs, video newsletters, articles, viral promos, photographs and links to related areas of your sector which are of genuine interest, they all need to encompass your keywords and follow your content strategy plan.

  • blog date 17 June 2013

    David Dimbleby ageism in TV

    Good video production, television and advertising is about the message and not just the pretty pictures!




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