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  • blog date 13 September 2017

    Who needs Video?

    Who needs Video?

    To create an effective piece of video marketing you’ll need to focus on three key points that you want people to remember from your video. The attention span of the viewer is short, in fact it’s often been described as shorter than a gnat’s breath! This is particularly so when it’s just one person speaking to camera;so make sure there are no more than three points and that you have a strong call to action or practical breather slot. You’ll all have tried to watch e-learning material with a tutor, who is probably a great thought leader, talking straight at you on video; despite the content be really good, and possibly essential for your ongoing CPD, you’ll find your mind wandering and maybe having to go back several times to capture the bits you missed first, second or third time round as you try to get your accreditation. The brain needs to have something to keep its attention on the speaker, which means changing the shot and adding in supporting images or text to keep the mind/eye connection together. Do resist the temptation to put lots of text on the screen though, more than a few well chosen words will result in your viewing reading the text and not listening to you; it’s a careful balance.

  • blog date 31 August 2017

    Integrating Video into your Marketing Plan

    Integrating Video into your Marketing Plan

    Social Media has transformed the field of video distribution for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s cheap – probably the cheapest it’s ever been at the moment, and secondly it’s easy as most sites now have easy share options across a number of platforms. The important thing is to make sure your video content is professional and targeted so that your audience get the right, brand focused messaged.




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