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Perfect PowerPoint to accompany your Video

Perfect PowerPoint to accompany your Video

There are times when presenting on camera could do with ‘breaking up’ a bit to switch between the presenter and something else stimulating on screen.  A PowerPoint presentation is a nice way to give a viewer another scene to look at or read whilst a presenter is speaking. 

John, our director, shares some helpful tips on what to consider when designing your PowerPoint presentation.

Design a Template

  • Start by designing a master template on which all of your slides will be based. This adds continuity to your presentation.
  • Try to avoid using the pre-formatted Microsoft templates if you want your presentation to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Go to VIEW then MASTER TEMPLATE and include any images you wish to appear on all your slides e.g. your logo.

Choose a Font

  • Choose a suitable font—your company may have a particular font you must use. Use a clear font, sans serif fonts (e.g. Arial, Helvetica, Calibri) are easier to read at a distance.
  • Use no more than 3 fonts. What we find looks best is if you choose one for headings and one for the body content.
  • Ensure that the font is installed on the computer you plan to use for playing back your PowerPoint, if not then the slide formatting will alter as the computer uses a substitute font.

Fonts and colour schemes

Choose a Colour Scheme 

  • Try to use colour sparingly - we recommend a maximum of three colours.
  • Maybe your company has a brand guide which will dictate the colours you must use.
  • Keep the colours easy on the eye making the slide easy to read from the back of the room.
  • As a general rule use dark font colours on light backgrounds and light font colours on dark backgrounds.


Graphic Elements 

  • Use graphic elements and pictures whenever possible.
  • We wouldn't advise to use clip art because it can look cheap and amateurish.
  • Photo libraries are a good source of images at reasonable prices.
  • Images from Google searches are copyrighted leaving you open to prosecution for copyright infringement. Take a look at our blog on Consents and Permissions.
  • Where possible, take your own picture so that they will then be free and the copyright is yours.

keep viewers attention with video

Animations and Transitions

  • Use sparingly, to add emphasis to your show—words flying in from every direction is simply distracting and unnecessary.
  • Using wipe effect to build up complicated charts or graphs can be extremely effective and add impact to the presentation.



You can make your presentation interactive by adding hyperlinks. A hyperlink will action another application such as play a video or link to a web page outside the PowerPoint. It can also jump immediately to another slide in your show or even to another PowerPoint show.  Select the object you wish to add a hyperlink to (INSERT, LINKS HYPERLINK or ACTION).



Use a summary slide when moving from one topic to another. This helps to consolidate the information with your audience.  It may be worth asking yourself “what do I need my audience to remember?” and include these points on your summary slide.

summarise presentation

Holding Slides

Use a ‘holding slide’ at the beginning of your show and again at the end or as a placeholder where you wish to direct your audience’s attention away from the show and back to you. This could be your company logo or your title slide or a cute picture of your cat.  It’s good practice to copy this slide 3 times at the end of your show to prevent displaying a black frame if you over-click.


Finally, use spell check and consider any possible grammatical errors in your text.  Also, try to save any embarrassment by getting a reliable colleague to check your spelling before presenting a show.  It’s so easy to misread what you’ve typed and, unfortunately a member of the audience could take great delight in pointing out any typographical errors.


If you would like further tips on perfecting your PowerPoint presentation, do please drop us a line. 





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