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Tips to help you improve your video results

Tips to help you improve your video results

Let me tell you a story…..

Businesses that are keen to stay ahead of their competition or even just make sure potential clients find them first when searching online are using video as a key part of their marketing toolkit. There are loads of statistics out there supporting the benefits of using video online, and we have many personal experiences of producing video for clients which have significantly improved their marketing reach. 


Why does video work so well? All the statistics point to a simple fact answer: people love watching videos online and, in an ever time poor society, would much prefer to watch a video than sift through pages of text.

Is it a magic potion? No, it’s not. It can and does work amazingly well, however people often forget that producing and uploading a video won’t be the end of the story.  That simply isn’t enough to get the results most businesses are after.

Just think about it, literally millions of videos are uploaded every day so making sure your video content is found online by the right people takes a bit more planning and skill to implement.

So here are a couple of key mistakes that we often see which we hope will help you get better results from your video marketing.


1: Buy from Me!

The majority of people don’t visit websites to be sold too or watch commercials; think about how often you’ve scrolled through commercials on the TV – that’s how potential customers feel if you try to sell at them too early. 

Of course, it’s important that a video effectively promotes a product or service, but it’s vital that you don’t turn your video into a fast talking sales piece which will end up with the viewer hopping to another channel. If you focus on educating your viewer, rather than forcing your message down their throats, you’ll get a far better result.   The most effective videos share a passion and belief in what you do or offer and treat your viewers as intelligent individuals.


2: What was that all about?

Some people go to the other extreme and rather than producing an overtly sales style video, they actually don’t make their video content promotional enough for the audience.

So, your video needs to deliver enough appropriate information in the correct style for your audience.  Say for a landing page, you have a short space of time to cover key pain resolving benefits that will effectively lead the viewer to want to make contact.


3. Too many facts and figures

Scientists have done many experiments looking at the response of the human brain to different stimuli.  What they’ve found is that when reading standard data, as in statistics, facts and figures, only the language part of our brains is being fired up.  However, put those facts and figures into a story format and wham you get full attention from the grey cells!  It’s as if the viewer were actually experiencing the story for themselves and explains why it’s far easier to remember stories than cold hard facts, for most people at least.

Also, our brains are hungry for stories.  We’ve loved listening to them from childhood, and originally before language and communication were so well developed telling stories through pictures was the key method of sharing information. 


4. Photos or image?

Think back to the cavemen and their drawings, the Medieval Mummers and even in the Church where people were taught religious tenants through parables. We may be more sophisticated these days, but our brains still love stories.  It’s no doubt the reason why top brands like Coca Cola, Channel and Trip Advisor use stories to get their message across.

So how can we use storytelling in business?  One of the most effective ways is to share video case studies of how a business or product has helped in a real life situation.  For instance, this piece about Monsta Pizza and the assistance that Downing IP gave to them when their trademark was objected too;  it’s a real David and Goliath story which has helped others to understand the issues a small business can have with their brand and the benefit of using a trademark specialist to fight their corner.

Have a think about the work you do;  how have you helped a client to improve their business, resolve an issue or benefit their customers?  Would their story help promote your business?  If so, then we’d love to hear from you and share more information on how to capitalise on the power of storytelling in video marketing.




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