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Who said you should never work with children?

Who said you should never work with children?

We’ve found when you know the right people it’s a pure joy and so we thought we’d share some background on a recent project where we expanded the benefits of encouraging intergenerational communication between nursery children and older adults.


Originally, we worked with Sunshine Montessori Nursery some years back when the owner and Head Teacher wanted to give potential parents, and children, a chance to virtually meet her online when they were researching nursery opportunities for their children.   So she came into our studio and recorded her first piece to camera to introduce herself on her website.  The result was thrilling as she found she had become ‘famous’ in the local area as people stopped her on the street to say that they had seen her video and what a great idea the Montessori Nursery was! 

The ethos of Sunshine Montessori Nursery is one of carefully structured, yet and fun and supportive learning offered via a full day care nursery which out client operates in Wheeler End.  One of the key differences with this particular nursery is that through its Forest School Nursery it offers the children the unique opportunity to reconnect with nature in a magical and stimulating setting, where they learn to respect and appreciate the world around them in a safe yet fun environment, whatever the weather brings.

As part of their new project with us, we were asked to film one of their intergenerational sessions. These sessions aim to bridge the gap between older and younger generations. The way they do this is by regularly visiting their local care and nursing home, for shared music-making sessions where you can quickly notice a growing bond between the age groups.  So much laughter and shared experience can only make for a positive and happy ending to every session.

Of course, filming children can be a challenge since they don’t usually stay still for very long, and as the session is a musical one, it gets quite loud and lively, with lots of dancing and singing. This meant that we only had small windows of opportunity to capture the shots that we needed, but thanks to Steve’s nifty camerawork we left with more than enough footage.   

In addition to this, the room that the session was held in had limited space, so we had to try and manoeuvre our way around the room to get the shots that we wanted without disturbing the session taking place.  It was one of those jobs where you need to get upfront and person shots, yet blend into the background at the same time!  This was quite challenging at times because the intergenerational sessions can get very lively as the children and the elderly start to relax and have fun, and at some points, one of us had to step out of the room as there just wasn’t enough space for the whole team.  However, that’s all part of the value of using a highly experienced video team, the Take One TV film crew know just how to become a part of the scenery.

There is increasing evidence that intergenerational sessions are highly beneficial for everyone involved; there was an interesting mini-series on Channel 4 where one of the UK's biggest retirement villages opens a nursery. Take a look when you have a moment, it’s quite an eye-opener. 

Overall it was a really lovely session to film, the atmosphere in the room was really nice, you could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves and we could clearly see the difference in the residents and the kids before and after the session. Watch the video here.  

If you have any upcoming events that you think could benefit from being captured on video, please feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help.




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