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Who says video is not for you?

Who says video is not for you?


I often say to clients, potential clients and my colleagues, “I can’t think of one industry that would not benefit from video”.  OK I may work for a video production company, but I honestly cannot think of a single kind of business which should not celebrate what they are about, or a type of establishment that can’t use video to acquire clientele.  Here are just a few types of businesses and how video can work in their favour.

Finance / Accountancy

video within finance and accountancy

For many, money is a sensitive and very private topic.  Liaising with someone about finance needs to be handled with confidence and care. So to show your experience of handling such matters, thought leadership videos or ‘how to’ guides can be a great way to show your value. Client case studies and testimonials can also speak volumes in terms of showcasing the wonderful service customers have received and the expertise delivered.


Video for lawyers and solicitors

Choosing someone to handle legal affairs is not easy. Whether your clients and prospects are buying a house, going through a divorce, seeking employment advice, or resolving a dispute, they need to feel that they can trust their lawyer.  One way of getting to see how a legal advisor operates is by watching a video about their business, their team and how they have helped their clients. It really helps to ease the ‘fear’ of picking up the phone once you’ve had a virtual meeting with the person who will help you.

Eatery / Restaurant

Video for restaurants and eateries

When having a little look in a restaurant window as you’re passing, you see how people are having a lovely time inside.  Capturing the ambience of such a place on video can have an effect as to whether your passers-by on line would like to visit and enjoy your service and your food. Imagine how much more personal it would feel if a viewer could ‘meet’ the chefs, waiters, and management, getting a feel for the people who run the restaurant as well as enjoying your food when they visit.


It’s really hard to get a complete picture of a school or college when visiting. It can be a stressful time and you have so many questions for the person showing you around.  School prospectuses can be useful but by watching a video back, revisiting the teachers, the classrooms and observing how the facilities and resources are being used can be far more memorable.

video within education

Similarly, teacher training is fairly demanding. What with the national shortage we have of teachers and funding, schools and colleges need their wonderful teachers teaching.  So another effective way of providing CPD for teaching staff is by video; they can watch the videos when needed and can be a more effective way of retaining information. Plus, when done well it can also provide a great source of motivational input.

Travel and Holidays

video for holidays and experiences

If a picture can paint a thousand words, imagine what a video could do for your beautiful setting where visitors come to enjoy their holiday.  Yes, photos and galleries are nice but video content will help bring your location to life and could entice your potential customers to organise their retreat with you, rather than your competition. 360 walkthrough experiences are a fantastic way to virtually and interactively show your viewers the facilities available, giving them a feel of what it’s actually like to be at your venue.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about using video to market your business, just give us a call and we’ll arrange a complimentary discovery session at our studios.




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