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  • blog date 05 January 2017

    Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

    Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

    Maybe you thought AI was something just for the movies, but think again as we move into 2017 and beyond because AI is making a definite impact in a number of industries and in particular with eCommerce.

  • blog date 21 September 2016

    Using Drones for Video and 360 Degree Footage

    Using Drones for Video and 360 Degree Footage

    Well, it was never going to be a big seller though some businesses made a profit for a short time and in some cases, usually films! We’re talkinga bout 3D technology of course, and 3D can be used well, if used subtlety, thought it’s now a thing of the past and have to say we never, ever got to use the facility on our editing systems as most business and corporate video work is more interested in the message than the new technology. That said, one thing which may need attention though is 360 video, and more importantly 360 Aerial video so here are few tips and hints about what to consider and what is available.

  • blog date 29 June 2016

    The Director's Cut: AI Challenges Human Creativity?

    The Artificial Intelligence has been used to create a video without human ‘interference’. It used the music bed to create a script and a storyboard. Another computer then took the storyboard and directed drones to film aerial footage and created the cast of ‘actors’ to play in the movie. Can’t help feeling that there must be something lacking somewhere, but it is an interesting development!




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