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  • blog date 22 November 2017

    Blue Planet 2: Why so long!?

    Blue Planet 2: Why so long!?

    Welcome to a review blog on some current TV content. We chose to review the latest series of Sir David Attenborough’s BBC documentary, Blue Planet 2, and share thoughts on how the world of wild life video production has changed since the first series.

  • blog date 03 March 2015

    Silenced Greek TV ready to get back on air, could it happen to the BBC?

    Silenced Greek TV ready to get back on air, could it happen to the BBC?

    ‘No matter what happens the news will go live, even if there’s an earthquake, a fire or if we all die. News will go live or it’s a dictatorship.’ This is what editors of Greece’s state broadcaster ERT stated. That has always been the attitude of broadcasters; way back in my BBC years, it was always an unspoken agreement that the News would continue, it was then and could still be a vital part of our freedom to communicate in an impartial and unbiased way. If the BBC were to fail, I suppose we would go back to radio, local community radio and even HAM radio – somehow there would be people who would make it their business to continue broadcasting, it’s bit like a bug! However, let’s not forget that there are many countries in the world where free broadcasting does not happen, so let’s be protective and proud of what we have.

  • blog date 15 July 2014

    URSA 4K

    The key to good corporate video is the value of the content, that means asking the right questions and targeting the audience. Of course, good quality images and sound are also key, they represent your business to potential clients,and good content with poor images doesn’t create the right impression to potential customers.

  • blog date 09 May 2014

    BBC iPlayer preferred choice for viewing

    The BBC’s iPlayer is fast becoming the preferred method of viewing choice for TV viewers with much of the increase coming from the mobile platforms. In business, the same thing is happening; we are seeing more and more research being done on mobile devices where businesses are looking for suppliers and information in short, well -constructed video content.

  • blog date 28 May 2013


    £100m digital project ditched by Beeb

  • blog date 06 August 2012


    BBC TELEVISION CENTRE SOLD FOR £200M – end of a piece of history for many people and for the video, television and film industry world wide.




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