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  • blog date 15 February 2019

    How to Market to Millennials

    How to Market to Millennials

    Millennials are known to be a generation of visual buyers; they are very interested in digital communication, greatly influenced by each other and are highly visual. In this week’s blog we talk a bit about ways of using video to market to millenials.

  • blog date 08 November 2018

    Building a Video Marketing Campaign

    Building a Video Marketing Campaign

    Agreeing standard guides and campaign criteria is vital when starting a content strategy plan or campaign. Take a look at this blog for considerations to make for the types of video goals you are looking to achieve.

  • blog date 18 October 2018

    Videos to help your business part 2

    Videos to help your business part 2

    Here is part 2 of ‘Videos to help your business’, with even more ideas for your company video.

  • blog date 11 October 2018

    Videos to help your business part 1

    Videos to help your business part 1

    Not sure what type of video is for you? This weeks blog is all about different types of videos for your business.

  • blog date 05 August 2016

    Smart Content Marketing

    Smart Content Marketing

    What type of content should you be creating? How can you better understand which content formats are gaining the most traction with your audience? Provide your target audience with the kind of content that they’re craving, the kind they’ve never seen before or want to develop for future reference. Online and offline content can provide great data that helps with marketing strategy.

  • blog date 08 February 2016

    Content Marketing and Video Tips for Small Businesses

    Content Marketing  and Video Tips for Small Businesses

    Engagement is what makes content marketing a great tool for any business. Engaged viewers are more likely to share the content with others and thy will also spend more time on the company’s website. This allows the company to exploit the viewers to gain exposure, increase traffic, brand a product or earn additional revenue with advertisements.

    To create content to engage people focus on what people want to find out about the brand. Define & Clarify to the potential customers what problems the company solves for them. Most people like to have more information about a product they are interested in before buying it. They want to know if it will provide them with what they want, and if it’s easy to use. It’s still the old sell the sizzle and not the sausage message. In video, don’t sell a product or service but share the benefits of what using the product or service brings.

  • blog date 08 September 2015

    Using Video Marketing to Say 'Hello' to Potential Clients

    There are many benefits to having an introductory video and a suite of material as part of your video content marketing strategy. It helps:

    • Position the company at the right level
    • Improves Google rankings
    • Adds new tool to the marketing suite
    • Multi-channel so can be used in multiple of ways
    • Easy to edit, appeal to variety of audience.

    Video gives you a 53 times better chance of being found online when someone knows they want your goods or services, but does’t yet know you; plus when done well, the video acts as an initial handshake with potential customers so that they can warm towards your business.

    A basic video such as this makes a measurable difference to the effectiveness of a business marketing strategy: https://youtu.be/Id2iQOgbEVg

  • blog date 27 July 2015

    How to get your company's website noticed with social, search and content

    How to get your company's website noticed with social, search and content

    The first rule of content marketing is to ‘Be Useful’. Write about what the company knows, for an audience that is looking for advice and information about what the business offers. Don’t sell to your audience at this point, identify a core audience and write for them. Understand what they need and deliver words, videos and images with authority.

  • blog date 09 February 2015

    Content Marketing for Business Videos

    Content marketing should be approached like a marathon not a sprint, experts suggest. Marcus Sheridan, an American business owner, who turned to content marketing during the recession states: “Business owners have the expertise to educate prospects with essential information, both good and bad, about your industry, which establishes trust that can lead to sales. But you have to commit for the long haul and not expect instant results. When you commit to being the most helpful teacher in your industry you can earn attention, loyalty and ultimately, more business.”

  • blog date 11 February 2014

    Measuring Video Content Success

    It’s really important though that your content is part of an overall strategy, and that you can measure the results. All of your communications materials including video blogs, video newsletters, articles, viral promos, photographs and links to related areas of your sector which are of genuine interest, they all need to encompass your keywords and follow your content strategy plan.




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