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  • blog date 22 February 2019

    Article 13

    Article 13

    Article 13 is a directive which aims to adjust copyright law to bring it up to date in light of new technology, and how easily media is shared online so to better protect copyright holders from having their work monetised illegally by third parties.

  • blog date 04 October 2018

    Consents and Permissions

    Consents and Permissions

    It’s really important to ensure you have written permission to use any contributor’s content on camera. This includes any images they may provide to you or those you source yourself, as well as music and the rights to sound effects. Just because something is on Google doesn’t mean it’s free for you to use!

  • blog date 18 July 2018

    EU Copyright

    A draft law known as the ‘Copyright Directive’ designed to reform the existing digital copyright protection for on-line data has been voted down in the European Parliament with 318 MEP’s against and 278 MEP’s in favour of the new legislation. This means that the controversial new law will need to be re-drafted before being returned to the Parliament for a second time later this year.

  • blog date 02 September 2014

    Copyright Clearance

    For information on copyright have a look at our Focus on Copyright programme with litigation specialist Peter Coyle:


  • blog date 23 December 2013


    So for 2014, let’s all make a resolution to not assume because an image is on the internet that it’s free to use!

  • blog date 22 October 2013


    Getting Consent Forms completed on projects can save a lot of future worries over copyright and permissions – make it a part of the process and save yourself and your clients unwanted hassle!

  • blog date 05 July 2012


    Hefty fines for using Olympic brand – video producers be aware!




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