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  • blog date 05 January 2017

    Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

    Growth of Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce Review

    Maybe you thought AI was something just for the movies, but think again as we move into 2017 and beyond because AI is making a definite impact in a number of industries and in particular with eCommerce.

  • blog date 18 February 2013

    Using Video to Improve Customer Engagement

    Web videos can get across a message faster.

    Most people talk at a rate of 150 words per minute, and if you asked a group of people if they’d rather read a 750 word article or watch a short video, many would prefer the video. Studies have proven this point. In fact, a recent survey suggested that people were 85% more likely to absorb a message that you are trying to get across if you are using a web video rather than text.

  • blog date 29 November 2012


    Video and social media are going to play an increased and more important role in good customer/employee engagement. Although it’s not the same as a true face to face encounter, it’s pretty close and does provide more impact than the written word alone. One client said they had found video to be a really powerful tool when gathering customer comments, just seeing and hearing the customer talk about why they had been disappointed with a service and perhaps even left a company was so much more memorable and thought provoking than just the bare statistics.




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