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  • blog date 08 November 2018

    Building a Video Marketing Campaign

    Building a Video Marketing Campaign

    Agreeing standard guides and campaign criteria is vital when starting a content strategy plan or campaign. Take a look at this blog for considerations to make for the types of video goals you are looking to achieve.

  • blog date 17 August 2015

    37 Amazing Facts & Stats about Video on YouTube

    37 Amazing Facts & Stats about Video on YouTube

    Mobile devices account for 50% of YouTube views; 7000 Tweets per minute contain a YouTube link; 80% of YouTube traffic is from outside the US and YouTube is located in 61 countries, accessed in 61 languages. So bear in mind the power of the YouTube channel, the world’s second largest search engine, owned by Google of course which is the first largest search engine. For businesses that want to get their videos seen, a YouTube channel is a must – yes have the video on your server if you wish and in as many other appropriate on line platforms as you can muster, but optimise and utilise YouTube for a great return on investment, maybe even look at YouTube Video Advertising which are very reasonably priced at the moment.




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