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  • blog date 11 May 2018

    A Song of Rainbows and Tattoos

    A Song of Rainbows and Tattoos

    The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has taken the unprecedented decision to bar Mango TV one of China’s most popular TV channels from continuing to air the Eurovision song contest stating that Mango TV has infringed its contract to as censorship was not in line with its values of diversity and inclusion, tolerance and respect. LGBT groups in China posted screen shots on social media and complained to the Chinese broadcaster.

  • blog date 09 May 2018

    A Song for Europe

    A Song for Europe

    It’s spring, it’s May, and it’s time to reach for the Union Flags and for ‘campness’ to grip all the nations of Europe once again. Yes, it’s time for the annual flag waving festival that is The Eurovision Song Contest.




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