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  • blog date 15 March 2017

    Facebook Live - 8 Tips for Video Content

    Facebook Live - 8 Tips for Video Content

    Live broadcasting platforms are becoming increasingly popular as a vehicle for marketing brands. But you need to choose your platform carefully as not all content works well on all platforms. Here are some content ideas to consider adding to your video marketing strategy in 2017 that will illustrate how to use your brand effectively and also show tasks that relate to your industry as a whole. People put a lot of trust in videos on line so it ought to be a consideration in marketing budgets going forward.

  • blog date 10 August 2016

    FaceBook looks to Video Content

    FaceBook looks to Video Content

    Facebook is set to launch ‘Facebook Live’ a new app that makes it easy to shoot streaming video on mobile devices. It is also encouraging more media professionals and the corporate sector to provide more video centric content. It is also building video products for its current messaging apps ‘Facebook Messenger’ and ‘WhatsApp’ both of which have over a billion users.

  • blog date 16 June 2016

    Tracking Snapchat Growth

    Tracking Snapchat Growth

    If your target audience is in the age range of 12-24 years old, then Snapchapt should be considered as a part of your marketing mix. Snapchat usage has gone up by 11%, whereas and Facebook usage has dropped by 61% – according the surveys at least!

  • blog date 21 July 2015

    Mastering the Facebook Video Algorithm: 3 Winning Tactics

    Mastering the Facebook Video Algorithm: 3 Winning Tactics

    The tools available on Facebook, such as custom call-to-action buttons, allows brands to have more control over what happens when their video finishes, making them more effective in turning potential customers into actual customers. Have a look at these tips and tricks to help boost video content’s organic reach and potential on Facebook.

  • blog date 17 September 2014

    Video for business promotion

    There are many different ways in which to promote your business online. Using videos is now one of the most popular, as people and future customers can see what your company does as well as get a feel for the ethos of a business and the people who work in it. There are many free services which a company can use to promote themselves with video on the web, these include: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • blog date 28 April 2014

    FACEBOOK in Virtual Reality

    Facebook buys into Virtual Reality technology as the next step in social and communications development.

  • blog date 10 December 2013


    Getting images to display correctly on FaceBook.




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