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  • blog date 22 November 2018

    Get a Grip to Avoid Motion Sickness

    Get a Grip to Avoid Motion Sickness

    Although there is a place for the handheld camera technique, try not to rely on it – even if the camera has an ‘Image Stabilisation’ function, it’s not good practice. Whenever possible use a tripod to support your camera; even a cheap tripod is better than none at all.

  • blog date 31 July 2017

    Casualty - A One Shot Wonder?

    Casualty - A One Shot Wonder?

    Celebrating 30 years of their flagship drama, Casualty, the BBC pushed the boundaries with a 60 minute episode shot as a continuous piece using one camera – several camera operators, 40 microphones, 8 weeks of rehearsals and 7 takes before it was good for transmission! During the rehearsals, it was found that the cameraman was unable to hold the camera steady for more than 20 minutes, so a way had to be devised to change camera operators whilst maintaining the continuous take. This was done by attaching a flying harness to the first cameraman and lowering him over a balcony whilst he tracked the actors walking down stairs. A second cameraman was waiting at the bottom to take over the camerawork. This was a seamless transition, and an impressive piece of camerawork.




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