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  • blog date 06 September 2017

    Using Google Analytics to Measure and Manage ROI

    Using Google Analytics to Measure and Manage ROI

    If you want a simple method for tracking the success of certain marketing strategies, Google Analytics can be a real boon. If you just want to see traffic from certain countries or those that have just signed up for the newsletter, or blog traffic – it’s all easily done with no ‘set up’ component. You can monitor your mobile and tablet traffic with ease. You can also set up bespoke dashboards or use some of those already in the package to measure things like views on your video and links from other sites.

  • blog date 04 November 2016

    Using Google Analytics and YouTube

    Using Google Analytics and YouTube

    An important use of Google Analytics with your YouTube channel is to see how it steers viewers to your website and vice versa. Do they come from your website? What other types of website do they come from? Maybe with this sort of information you can start to expand your video strategy and align yourself with complimentary topics and sources.




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