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  • blog date 02 June 2020

    Filming on your iPhone during CV19

    Filming on your iPhone during CV19

    With so many of us working remotely due to the CV-19 pandemic, there has been an increased interest in using smartphones to create video content. It’s mostly for social media use, but we’ve also had clients who wanted their CEO to be able to send update messages to their remote working employees. On line communications with Zoom, Teams and Remo have brought groups together virtually, however, there is a growing need for communications with clients and employees on a more direct level where they are looking for information that will build confidence for their return to business. The good news is that most smartphones have a good video camera on board, so with a few tips and a little planning you can get some very interesting and memorable footage which will create good memories for the future and help prepare for a confident return to business.

    Here are some top tips to help you get good results from filming on a smartphone.




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