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  • blog date 08 October 2014

    Video for the small screen

    The use of small screens such as iPhone’s, iPad’s and Smartphone’s to watch videos has increased over the past few years with more people choosing to use their devices to watch catch-up television, Youtube and other videos.

  • blog date 21 July 2014

    Viewing on mobile devices

    More people are now watching TV and movies on tablets in their bedrooms than they watch on the TV. This means instead of watching programmes on the Television, people are now using their tablets in bed to watch films and TV shows. Also, people who own tablets are likely to watch more TV and movies than those who do not own a tablet. The reason being that people who own a tablet have more ways to watch TV programmes and films than those do not. Business who are looking to take advantage of video as a part of their marketing strategy need to consider the impact of mobile devices and allow for their content to be viewed in a multitude of environments. One key thing, remember people may be watching without sound – subtitles has become very important!

  • blog date 09 May 2014

    BBC iPlayer preferred choice for viewing

    The BBC’s iPlayer is fast becoming the preferred method of viewing choice for TV viewers with much of the increase coming from the mobile platforms. In business, the same thing is happening; we are seeing more and more research being done on mobile devices where businesses are looking for suppliers and information in short, well -constructed video content.




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