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  • blog date 06 September 2018

    Smartphone Video vs Professional Camera Video

    Smartphone Video vs Professional Camera Video

    Now that we all have a handheld device, it’s very tempting to record a quick video using a smartphone. This blog gives some reasons to forego the video option on your smartphone and outsource to a professional video production company.

  • blog date 23 October 2015

    Does DIY Video Production Save A Business Money?

    With the arrival of cheaper video recording devices such as tablets, iPhones and prosumer camcorders, it is easy for anyone to create a video. Anyone can pull their phone out of their pocket and take an HD or even a 4K video these days. However, just because it can be done by anyone doesn’t mean it should be done – unless it’s purely for fun and not for serious business marketing purposes. Cameras on phones and ordinary digital cameras have limitations and there is so much more to shooting a video than simply pointing a recording device. For example: Is the lighting right? Will the audio be heard clearly without interference from air conditioning, traffic or other extraneous noises? Is the quality appropriate for the business and what it offers? Do the contributors look comfortable and believable or more like scared rabbits who don’t want to be there? Honestly, using an iPhone won’t give a professional look, and it doesn’t make sense to cheapen the brand and profile of your business by skimping on having a video made on the cheap – it’s better not to do it at all.




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