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  • blog date 15 October 2015

    Watch the ‘birdy’ and say ‘cheese’ - are Selfies hazardous to health?!

    On a recent trip to Venice we witnessed a group of people sitting round a table in a beautiful lagoon setting yet all ignoring their surroundings and each taking ‘selfies’ of themselves. It looked a bit like a fairground ride with 8 ‘selfie’ sticks all vying for centre position to get the best shot of the holder. No conversation or interest in anything else it seemed. Wish we’d taken a photo of the event but we were busy trying to stop ourselves laughing too loudly at what seemed to be a rather strange spectacle! However,this new research supports our gut feeling that ‘selfies’ whilst having a place in the recording of human activity should not be taken too seriously, and can be hazardous to health.




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