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  • blog date 22 August 2019

    Tips to help you improve your video results

    Tips to help you improve your video results

    Businesses that are keen to stay ahead of their competition or even just make sure potential clients find them first when searching online are using video as a key part of their marketing toolkit.

    So here are a couple of key mistakes that we often see which we hope will help you get better results from your video marketing.

  • blog date 02 November 2018

    YouTube SEO

    YouTube SEO

    Want to get your YouTube videos higher in the search rankings? then here is our guide full of things you can do to boost your YouTube SEO.

  • blog date 25 October 2018

    Take One’s Guide to SEO

    Take One’s Guide to SEO

    Want to get higher in the search rankings? Here are some tips on how you can optimise your website to boost your online presence.

  • blog date 11 March 2015

    Using Video Backlinks For Websites to Improve SEO and SERPS ratings

    Inbound links (backlinks) to your videos are important for optimisation within Google universal SERPS. Here are some ideas and tips on how to develop backlinks to your videos. For the most part, these techniques can be used to develop backlinks to any site. Most of the techniques that work for linking strategy in general will work well for video search optimization as well. We’re not web gurus – though we know some people who are of course – but we do know how to make business video production work for business growth.




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