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  • blog date 25 February 2020

    Written vs video testimonials

    Written vs video testimonials

    We all know that testimonials are a great way of giving social credibility to your service or product, and as a result attracting new potential customers. But why use video testimonials?

  • blog date 04 October 2017

    The Benefits of Using Client Testimonials

    The Benefits of Using Client Testimonials

    There’s no doubt that testimonials play an extremely important part in the success of your business. The idea of a real person telling us, the potential customer, that they have experienced a product and what they really think of it is one of the simplest, yet most effective, forms of marketing. And it has grown and grown in recent years. Now without even thinking about it most us use testimonials regularly to help us choose products: they form an integral part of Amazon purchasing, and Tripadvisor is a great example of how testimonials are used, and what huge success they can have.




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