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  • blog date 23 March 2015

    Technology moves video to 3D as cadavers in the cloud become reality

    Technology already exists to be able to store high-resolution, three-dimensional copies of body organs and tissues. James Mah, a specialist in surgical imaging at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, states that some medical schools are already using virtual cadavers to perform training dissections using table-top screens. It certainly sounds interesting, but is it as good at the real thing? Is something of science fiction and would it be of value to the general public? Not so long ago, we used to edit using razor blades and sticking tape; now it’s all electronic and digital. Would we go back, well…. no, not really even though new technology brings its trials it does also take us forward and the things that can be done with modern digital editing using AVID Media Composer for video production – in the right hands, it is truly amazing.

  • blog date 28 October 2013

    Hawthorn Experiment

    Motivating employees with video helps productivity.




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