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  • blog date 08 September 2015

    Using Video Marketing to Say 'Hello' to Potential Clients

    There are many benefits to having an introductory video and a suite of material as part of your video content marketing strategy. It helps:

    • Position the company at the right level
    • Improves Google rankings
    • Adds new tool to the marketing suite
    • Multi-channel so can be used in multiple of ways
    • Easy to edit, appeal to variety of audience.

    Video gives you a 53 times better chance of being found online when someone knows they want your goods or services, but does’t yet know you; plus when done well, the video acts as an initial handshake with potential customers so that they can warm towards your business.

    A basic video such as this makes a measurable difference to the effectiveness of a business marketing strategy: https://youtu.be/Id2iQOgbEVg

  • blog date 18 December 2012

    Is Video a good marketing tool?

    Forbes Insight research finds that we are increasingly favouring video and other multimedia forms of communication over traditional written formats.

  • blog date 29 November 2012


    Video and social media are going to play an increased and more important role in good customer/employee engagement. Although it’s not the same as a true face to face encounter, it’s pretty close and does provide more impact than the written word alone. One client said they had found video to be a really powerful tool when gathering customer comments, just seeing and hearing the customer talk about why they had been disappointed with a service and perhaps even left a company was so much more memorable and thought provoking than just the bare statistics.




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