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  • blog date 29 November 2018

    Downloading and Uploading Closed Captions

    Downloading and Uploading Closed Captions

    With thousands of videos being uploaded every day, it is important for you to stand out and make your videos as accessible as possible. In this blog, we explain how you can download and upload your own Closed Captions to YouTube.

  • blog date 27 September 2018

    Things to consider when editing a video

    Things to consider when editing a video

    You’ve had your lovely corporate video filmed and now it’s time to start editing. Read this blog for some editing tips to help get you started.

  • blog date 16 August 2018

    Photographic Diary of My Time at Take One

    Photographic Diary of My Time at Take One

    Royal Grammar Secondary School pupil, Finley Porter joined the Take One TV crew for a week to gain video work experience. It was a joy to have him and an even greater joy to read what he learnt over his few days with us.

  • blog date 22 October 2013


    Getting Consent Forms completed on projects can save a lot of future worries over copyright and permissions – make it a part of the process and save yourself and your clients unwanted hassle!

  • blog date 20 May 2013

    Leap Motion Revolutionises Video Editing?

    Leap Motion -
    Leap Motion is a USB powered device which will revolutionise the way we interact with computers. You put it down on your desk and control it by moving your hand about over the sensor. This tracks the precise movement of each of your fingers giving you full control of your computer simply with gestures.


  • blog date 17 April 2013


    Most of the things that would make editing easier for me come under organisation and planning. When the files are organised and logged properly, it is much easier to locate the material you want, and that in turn saves time which can then be used to perfect the video by maybe adding some nice effects or sweetening the audio. Take One have a very good logging system and I know a project with them will be well-planned.




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