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  • blog date 23 March 2016

    Video Transcription Improves Search Engine Ranking

    Video Transcription Improves Search Engine Ranking

    In a short space of time you can see a dramatic impact on video SEO by adding in transcriptions to the video marketing mix. Here are some hints and tips as to how and why it works.

  • blog date 10 December 2014

    Subtitling Moves Forward at IBC

    One of the more curious footnotes from this year’s IBC is that the subtitling business is going through very interesting times at the moment. I used to do subtitling with BBC CEEFAX using a manual controller to line up the in vision timecode and then type in subtitles to fit – very manual, but effective nonetheless. These days, times they are a-changing!

  • blog date 10 March 2014

    You Tube's "About" Section gets you found

    Make sure the first 45 characters of your About section on You Tube is keyword rich and has your key messages.

  • blog date 03 December 2013


    One of the interesting points we’ve found is that people are posting videos to blogs more now, and finding a good response as a result. The content is usually informational rather than direct sales, but it is a strong brand awareness tool and builds positive reputation on line.

    Things like this video we recently made about how to upload videos to You Tube are very popular: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8-8zJ7DC7Y&feature=c4-overview&list=UUgyDGz1IFijVHw64SNXuDtQ




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