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  • blog date 29 July 2016

    Gone with the (Re)Wind

    Gone with the (Re)Wind

    The end of an era has finally arrived with the Japanese company, Funai, announcing that, as of this July, it would cease to produce the VHS recorder due in part to the difficulties in acquiring the necessary components and mainly due to the non-existent market for the technology which has been superseded by DVD, Blu-ray and, latterly, on-line Cloud storage. The humble VHS tape has been wound back for the very last time as tape sees it’s demise in favour of digits and pixels and Cloud sharing. Take a trip down memory lane as we remember the days of only 3 TV channels, no cable, no satellite and if someone mentioned Netflix you would of thought they were talking about basketball. Video and Television has come on a long way, however there is some pleasure in remembering how it used to be!

  • blog date 03 August 2015

    Seeing through the Retina Ready Marketing Speak for Video Production

    Have you been asked for Retina Ready Video yet? Well if you haven’t you probably will be soon so we thought we’d take a look at the how and why Retina Ready Video may be of benefit.

  • blog date 13 August 2013


    3D TV was heralded as the next big change in the video industry, akin to going digital. Our gut feel was that it was bit of a passing phase, dealing with large corporate clients where some are still struggling with HD and the intricacies of their own intranets or the world wide web.

    So this article from digitaltrends brought a smile to our faces!

  • blog date 23 July 2013

    From Star Trek to Smart Phones

    Technology, and the social media it has spawned, has now become an integral part of the marketing mix and is playing an increasingly important method of promoting and marketing business, indeed digital marketing has now become the de facto for all areas of business.




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