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  • blog date 28 May 2015

    Is 4K TV Resolution Really Necessary for Video Content?

    There are so many different factors that go into making a successful video that 4K videos should the least of worries. If the equipment, extra storage space and time for rendering is available, then by all means, make a video in 4K resolution. It won’t hurt, and the video may rank higher in search results by making a 4K video.
    Most viewers either won’t be able to or can’t watch the 4K video for a while. Many won’t be watching it in 1080p, especially if they are watching it on YouTube. It doesn’t matter about preferred resolution as YouTube will feed viewers video content at a much slower resolution to maintain a smoother experience.

  • blog date 28 August 2014

    The Internet of Things Connects

    IoT will provide us with endless opportunities and connections to take place, many of which we can’t imagine or understand the full impact of today. Video can be received across a multitude of devices and businesses are seeing the advantage!

  • blog date 20 June 2014

    Wave, Camera, Action

    Wycombe MP Steve Baker officially launched the start of an exciting video making competition for Buckinghamshire schools on Friday (June 13) in true film making style.

  • blog date 17 June 2014

    Video on your mobile phone?

    Video has become a vital part of any marketing strategy, and these days the video medium is available to almost any business – it’s no longer just for the larger corporates, even a small, owner operated motor repair business can reap big benefits – as one of our clients recent told us, over 80% of his new business came as a result of his video webshot!

  • blog date 11 June 2014

    Web Advertising Video Enterprise

    We are delighted to have been appointed Project Managers for theWAVE – Web Advertising Video Enterprise competition for 2014-15!

  • blog date 02 April 2014


    The essential elements of a web video are that it is relatively short, it is well constructed in both content and technical set up, and that it is appropriate for desired the audience.
    Video can’t do the whole sale for you, but pitched correctly it can at least open the door and get the kettle on for you!

  • blog date 24 September 2012


    HANDY CROISSANT networking group supports members with marketing materials, including a subsidized video for their websites.

  • blog date 03 September 2012

    60 second video presentation wins business

    60 second promotional videos win business




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