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  • blog date 22 February 2019

    Article 13

    Article 13

    Article 13 is a directive which aims to adjust copyright law to bring it up to date in light of new technology, and how easily media is shared online so to better protect copyright holders from having their work monetised illegally by third parties.

  • blog date 02 November 2018

    YouTube SEO

    YouTube SEO

    Want to get your YouTube videos higher in the search rankings? then here is our guide full of things you can do to boost your YouTube SEO.

  • blog date 04 April 2016

    Benefits of Using Closed Captions in Video Production

    Benefits of  Using Closed Captions in Video Production

    The SEO studies conducted by Discovery Digital Networks, The American Life and SafeNet help to quantify the benefits of captions and transcriptions. The documented increases in views, search traffic, user engagement and search rank represents exciting measures of the impact of captioning on video SEO.

    Discovery Digital Networks data on percent of views increase allows an estimate of the ROI of captioning YouTube videos to be made, which, up until recently, has been difficult to quantify. Deciding whether to caption a video or not depends on numerous factors; the positives of these case studies are hard to ignore, howver many people find the benefits of captioning worth the investment.




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