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  • blog date 22 December 2014

    Video Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

    Using video to raise profile, awareness and funds for Not for Profit, Voluntary or Social Enterprise businesses is certainly something that should be considered. If you live in the Buckinghamshire there is also a great venture funded by the Buckinghamshire District Council that can help you investigate the skills required to make the most of video marketing. The venture is called New Futures and it can grant up to £1500 of funds to help not for profit, voluntary and social enterprises get a kick start to their profiles with video and digital marketing.

  • blog date 18 December 2014

    Video Drones

    The technical guys have been adding things to their Christmas Wish List and the kit that is ticking their boxes at the moment seems to be something like DJI’S PHANTOM II Video Drone. I thought I’d better take a look at what they were talking about and it is kind of interesting, the technology has certainly moved on from a few years’ back.

  • blog date 10 December 2014

    Subtitling Moves Forward at IBC

    One of the more curious footnotes from this year’s IBC is that the subtitling business is going through very interesting times at the moment. I used to do subtitling with BBC CEEFAX using a manual controller to line up the in vision timecode and then type in subtitles to fit – very manual, but effective nonetheless. These days, times they are a-changing!

  • blog date 01 December 2014

    Sharing and Working with Video in the Cloud

    These days it’s equally as important to know how to access your video materials after production as well as during production, and with HD files becoming more common a sturdy platform for video file transfers is essential. Partnering with an industry-leader that continually brings new innovations to the customers, can future proof your online video investment for your clients so we’ve been looking at some of the cloud based video viewing and sharing platforms for professional use.

  • blog date 25 November 2014

    New Awards to Recognise Key Role of Digital Media

    A chance to shine in the digital communications world with the Digital Village and Constant Contact Digital Awards which will be showcased at the Trade Only National Show (TONS) in January.

  • blog date 18 November 2014

    Filming in London - What You Need To Know

    Filming in London - What You Need To Know

    Shooting in London can provide a great range of beautiful landscapes, cultural iconic backdrops and fascinating multicultural individuals who can give your project life and colour. Bear in mind that the weather in the UK is famous for its unpredictability. Shooting in a studio will give you more control but may need more set and light time, as well as design costs…..

  • blog date 12 November 2014

    Making GoPro Hero Camera Into A SUPER Hero

    The GoPro camera offers users a stunning array of shooting options and features at a competitive price. However anyone using a GoPro camera will know that there is one major factor holding it back from being a powerful little production camera…

  • blog date 04 November 2014

    Subtitling for web videos

    If you were to ask any broadcaster or internet video users about how to apply subtitles or captions on web distributed video and chances are the replies will be that it is relatively easy to do so and that all you need is a simple text file with some timing and perhaps style information included (e.g. and SRT, DFXP, WebVTT, SMIL or SAMI file).

    The answer they give is right if they weren’t too concerned about how the text looked or if it was presented with the same degree of timing accuracy as is the norm for conventional television broadcastings. If you were to ask them whether that would work for live web video (simulcasts or web-only live broadcasts) uncertainty would start to kick in.

  • blog date 27 October 2014

    Old Peter Reno tapes found at De Wolfe studios.

    A few weeks ago, when engineers were digging through the vaults at the de Wolfe music headquarters, they came across a recorded reel of tape which confused them.

  • blog date 20 October 2014

    Deal With The Media Online Training

    Deal with the Media is an online training course which helps you gain media attention and how to make an impact once you have it. The course has the help of industry professionals as well as Sir Trevor McDonald, well-known news presenter. If you’ve already done one of Take One TV’s media training courses on video presentations, or indeed any other face to face media training workshops, then this could be a great way of refreshing your knowledge. Video is an increasingly important part of any company communications and having a bit of professional guidance can make all the difference to your presentation – turning it into an enjoyable experience that you can control rather than something that gives you nightmares!

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