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  • blog date 22 December 2015

    Using video to prove solicitors are human too!

    Using video to prove solicitors are human too!

    A video with demonstrable results!
    CWD Director Peter Coyle commented, “The video has made a crucial difference to our business. We had a client come to us who had scoured the internet and looked at 23 different solicitors in the region. He chose us specifically because of the video on the website and said that he hadn’t seen anything like it anywhere else. Furthermore, to date, we’ve actually had five or six pieces of new business as a direct result.” No wonder they have come back for more video content to showcase their skillset and introduce their people to potential new clients. Have a read through our case study and if you think you could benefit from speaking to us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

  • blog date 21 December 2015

    Add a 4K curved TV to your Christmas Wish List?

    Add a 4K curved TV to your Christmas Wish List?

    With 4K technology, the trend has moved to curved television sets. The argument for the curved screens is that they are more immersive due to the fact that they give the viewer an impression that the screen is curving around them. Curved screens also deliver superior contrast-images appear to pop out of the screen, which gives the impression of greater depth and also makes people think they are viewing a 3D image when they see a curved screen for the first time, particularly if the image is also of 4K quality.

  • blog date 14 December 2015

    Using Pinterest as Digital Mood Boards for Video Production

    Using Pinterest as Digital Mood Boards for Video Production

    As a video production company we find Pinterest a useful adjunct to projects. It helps us to build rapport with our audience and share some of the background work involved in business video production that would otherwise remain unseen. It also helps to share knowledge with clients and keep them informed of how their video projects are progressing. People often ask about setting up a Pinterest board and so we thought we’d share the basic ‘How too….’ steps so that you can have a go; it reminds us a bit of doing scrapbooks from younger days, but as a video agency it’s really a kind of more modern means of creating mood boards to share thoughts and feelings on a project.

  • blog date 08 December 2015

    Tips for creating a video advert.

    With increasing online traffic being pushed by video these days it’s not surprise that video adverts are proving to be an important part of a video marketing plan. Video is on target to make up 80% of on line traffic by 2019 – we’re already registering 61% so looks like the forecast will be accurate and maybe even under estimated.
    Here are just a few tips to help make your video adverts more effective.

  • blog date 26 November 2015

    The Influence of Colour on Brand and Video Communications

    The Influence of Colour on Brand and Video Communications

    If you’d like to know what to avoid wearing for your next video appearance or get some guidance on how to prepare for a video contribution, then take a look at our Guide to Appearing on TV under the Focus On page of our website or call for more information about how to plan your next production.

  • blog date 16 November 2015

    8 Billion Video Views Per Day for Facebook

    Video marketers are now faced with a two party system. According to eMarketer, this year’s global mobile ad spending is expected to be $72.1 billion. Google’s share is projected to be 33.&% of this market, whereas Facebook’s share is forecasted at 17.4%. According to comShare, the Top 6 and 8 of the Top 9 apps in US are owned by Facebook and Google.

    Casual observers today mistakenly believe that it doesn’t matter if you choose YouTube or Facebook video. They think that the newer platform is better. But there is a huge difference between YouTube’s and Facebook’s views of video marketing and video advertising.

  • blog date 10 November 2015

    Businesses Raise Support For Rennie Grove Hospice Care

    Chief Executive of Rennie Grove Hospice Care, Jenny Provin, shared how the charity supports adults and children with life-limiting illnesses. They obtain only 15% of their funding from government grants, the remainder is raised by the charity through local support. Their new Corporate Patron Sposnorship Programme aims to get businesses involved in a local charity that some day everyone one of us may well be touched by.

  • blog date 06 November 2015

    Bringing the Video TARDIS to a green screen studio near you

    Bringing the  Video TARDIS to a green screen studio near you

    Just like Dr Who’s TARDIS it’s possible to travel anywhere in the world (or indeed outer space) and all from the comfort of a small television and video production studio in High Wycombe. It’s not rocket science though it is quite impressive, especially with the new Spectramatte ultra fine keying techniques that our editors are now using on a regular basis. The green screen has been background for cake making demonstrations, HR Q&A sessions, profile and thought leadership pieces as well as promotional videos for local businesses.

  • blog date 06 November 2015

    Our Ninja AfterEffects and Video Editor gains Black Belt

    Our Ninja AfterEffects and Video Editor gains Black Belt

    Congratulations to one of our editors’ Steve who has just become a ‘Black Belt’ in Adobe After Effects after having completed an advanced course in After Effects creative animation.

  • blog date 28 October 2015

    How to Keep Video Marketing Content Revelant

    Every minute 400+ hours of video is uploaded on YouTube, so if videos are posted once a week or once a month they quickly get lost in amongst all the others that have been uploaded. If you’re seeing a disappointing or declining response to your video production then give some consideration to these tips on how to combat declining video views and improve your return on investment by good video optimization and video marketing strategy.

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