There are thousands of drone flights occurring in the UK's skies each day for businesses.  Ever since drones have become more affordable to operate, their impact on boosting the economy has been substantial as well as opening up new options for all sorts of businesses. 

Drone video footage is everywhere now; it’s on TV shows and films, adverts, the news and corporate websites. Having a birds-eye-view of a setting is often visually spectacular, and can really enhance almost any video production with that ‘wow factor’!

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Capture the Perfect Aerial Shots with Our Drone Services

Drone footage has become an increasingly popular and captivating way to elevate your video productions. At Take One, we own and operate our own drones, and our fully qualified CAA drone pilot is here to help you get those impressive aerial shots that will give your videos the "wow factor" they deserve.  

The potential opportunities and reasons for obtaining drone video footage for your business are vast.....

  • show off a beautiful location or premises

  • record the progress of a construction project

  • carry out building inspections

  • gain a new perspective on a location

  • display outdoor events..... then aerial footage may be the answer!


Top 2 Questions About Using Drones

1. Do you need a license to operate a drone?

No, there is currently no requirement to hold a license to operate remote aircraft in the UK. However, there are still some important regulations to be aware of.

2. Can you fly anywhere and anytime completely freely?

No, you must have permission from the land owner where you are taking off and landing. Depending on the drone's weight class, there may also be restrictions on the type of airspace you can operate in. You'll also need the consent of anyone you film, just like with a normal video camera.

Take One's technical director, Zoe Groves, is our drone pilot and captures amazing footage for our clients to really make their video content unforgettable.

If you’d like to show your USPs and what gives you the competitive edge in your industry, let Take One TV showcase the quality and scope of your business from the air.  Call us on 01494 898919 or email zoe@takeonetv.com

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