Aerial Footage (Drones)

Case Study: CLPM

CLPM's construction project services has been designed to help their clients build in a smart and sustainable way. They provide independent construction expertise and act as liaison between the many different parties involved in a building project. Ensuring that a project is successful and stress free for clients.

They asked for our drone video services to showcase the progress on a project in Hertfordshire which would show the geographic location and overview of the property as well as some ground shots of specific elements of the work.

What we did

Our qualified drone pilot did a full site survey of the location and checked he could fly without interrupting any local fly zones. He established a potential takeoff and landing spot and contacted the owners of the land and obtained written permission use it. He then also investigated and obtained permission to fly over any other properties that would be in the line of flight. And finally, of course, the weather is a vital part of drone flights and as the designated fly day approach he was carefully checking the weather maps for rain, sun and wind.

On the fly day he arrived on-site and checked in with the client’s on-site manager to ensure everyone was ready and aware of the flight. He completed the flight successfully and then took ground level footage of some of the key areas of construction.

The Outcome

CLPM’s Business Development Manager said; “We had no idea there was so much detail in preparing for a drone flight, but Take One did it all without any fuss and produced a great video for us to share with our client so that they could see the progress of the project, and to use as a case study for gaining more future business. It was a pleasure to work with Take One and we will certainly do so again.

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