Explaining a concept

Case Study – Housesit Match – ‘Video sells the story’


HousesitMatch.com is a young business, offering an online housesitting and petsitting service, that enables home and pet owners to meet checked sitters online, across the world. The concept of home and pet owners exchanging services with housesitters offering- free pet and home care for free accommodation - is relatively new.

The internet facilitates this service and enables matches to happen across the globe. The sitters stay in the owners’ home to care for property and pets. Home and pet owners benefit by offering free board in exchange for someone caring for their home and pets for free in their absence.


What we did

As a relatively new sector to be promoted online, the concept of housesitting as an exchange of services, can be difficult to grasp. First timers often wonder ‘but how does it actually work?’.

The founder, Lamia Walker, met with the TakeOne TV team. Soon, both realised that a video case study could be extremely helpful to boost understanding of the concept. Telling the story on video, demonstrating the service, is an excellent way to breathe life into a new idea.

A local match was identified, and their five-week housesit experience was portrayed in a series of voiceovers by the actual participants. The subjects both homeowners and housesitters described their experience of the housesit assignment.

Indoor footage was taken to show the two couples meeting and discussing their experience. It was a first housesit for both parties. The film crew were organised for an outdoor film shoot. The sunniest day in January was chosen and a good selection of shots was taken of all the participants walking the owners’ dog, Nuka.

The homeowners were based locally in Buckinghamshire not far from the TakeOne TV studio, so the shoot was time and cost effective, incurring minimal travel expenses.

The outcome

TakeOne TV edited both film footage and voiceovers. They created one long three-minute film from which several other shorter pieces were cut with tailored with captions for use in social media.

The main film displays to this day on the HousesitMatch.com homepage. It was first uploaded onto YouTube in the company channel, and then embedded onto the main website and other key pages.

The film generated positive feedback from HousesitMatch members and site visitors. The film has also been popular on YouTube and in Facebook and played at an industry conference. As part of an SEO campaign with the video tagged and positioned on critical purchase points on the website, the video has helped to increase the Domain Authority of the website.

Additional benefits

The investment proved a wise step and has paid for itself many times over with new members commenting on how it helped them grasp the benefits. The video also played a part in helping to boost the searchability and presence of the website online through organic SEO. We now have visitors who return multiple times to watch the video and eventually join the website because of the story in the video.



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